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CELEBRATING 28 YEARS: Supporting the Families in Our Community 


First, I want to thank everyone for making last year such a success. The end of a decade is always a time to reflect and take note of where we are in our lives.  From a club perspective, I loved seeing so many new families participating in events and forming life-long friendships.  I know that as parents we are often overworked and overextended, so having the CMC as a support system has been a lifesaver for me (as I hope it has been for many of you!)  Knowing that I have friends I can call at any time to celebrate the victories, cry over the hard times and just have someone available to listen in my moments of freaking out helps keep me grounded in this crazy parenting journey. I know that if it were not for this group, I would not have settled into moving here as quickly as I did and would not have the support network that I have now. Truly, all the families in our CMC community make living on the coast so amazing.

I am so excited about 2020 and all the amazing events we have coming up. We have a lot already planned for the year to look forward to!  Some of my family’s favorites are the Member’s Socials, Bagels in the Park, and the Spring Egg Hunt. On a personal level, the Mom’s Socials have been a breath of fresh air where I can have a few hours to relax with other women in the same stage of life. I’m also looking forward to the first of our bi-annual Swaps in March. I channeled my inner Marie Kondo and cleaned out the girls’ closets and toys and have a giant pile of goodies that I’m ready to pass on!

Do you have any ideas for fun club activities?  Do you want to help plan the events that make the CMC such a wonderful club?  Feel free to reach out to me or any of our board members – we are always open to new ideas and additional help! There is truth behind the adage of many hands make light work, plus it makes it more fun! We have monthly Board Meetings (the first Thursday of each month except July and December) that are open to the general membership.  If you are unsure of what we do, how we do it or if you want to help please join us for any meeting.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at our events this year. (If you don’t know me, look for the frazzled mom chasing 4 year old triplet girls around!) Here’s to the start of a new decade and another year of memorable events with the CMC!

Happy New Year and Thank you!

Katie Alderman

2020 CMC President


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Upcoming Events

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