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In light of recent communication regarding COVID-19, I would like to address how CMC is taking precautions and following public recommendations regarding events and meetups. We have canceled all events for the next few months and given the SMC restrictions in place, playgroups should refrain from meeting up.  

We have created a COVID-19 Resources page on the website, there a lots of resources and ideas to help us navigate this time. We have also started a virtual events page so we can start some fun online interactions. 
 We encourage you to leverage these resources and communicate any additional resources or activities that you find helpful through this trying time.

We will keep a close eye on all of the updates and make changes as needed. If there are any concerns please do not hesitate to bring them to me or reach out to anyone on the board. Once things settle down we will go back to normal as well as plan some bigger events to make up for what we were not able to do over the next months.

Katie Alderman
2020 CMC President