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Playgroups and Interest Groups   

Age-Based Playgroups

Introduce your kids to their first friendships and make some of your own!

Typically our playgroups are organized by birthdate in six-month windows.  We encourage you to join the playgroup that corresponds with your child’s birthdate, but you are also welcome to explore others. (For example, kids on the cusp of two playgroups often join both to find the best fit or double their fun.)

Playdates can happen in homes, at local attractions, or in parks. Please don’t shy away from joining, even if you don’t feel comfortable hosting in your home.

Dads, nannies, and other childcare providers are welcome to bring your child(ren) to playdates and, unless otherwise specified by the host, older siblings are welcome.

Playgroups aim to offer: 
• An active playgroup until the children are entering Kindergarten
1 x weekend playdate per quarter
2 x weekday playdate per month
4 x Moms' nights out per year
Group encouragement to attend CMC events, meetings, speakers, etc.
A monthly email communicating events for the playgroup and the CMC, as a whole.
An annual traditional event (a potluck party, ice cream social, etc...) just for your playgroup. Take pictures and watch your kids grow!

See below for directions on how to register for a playgroup. If you would like more general information about playgroups, please reach out to our playgroups coordinator at

Specialty Playgroups and Interest Groups

Coastside Mothers' Club also offers a variety of interest groups that members can join. For example, moms interested in walking with friends are invited to join WalkingMoms. We also have specialty playgroups for Moms of Multiples and for specific neighborhoods. You can explore all the options by clicking on the Registration tab under Playgroups.

To register for a playgroup or interest group:

  1. Click on the Registration tab under Playgroups in the top menu bar.

  2. Scroll down to find the group you are interested in joining.

  3. Click “View Members”

  4. Click “Sign me up”

  5. A pop-up will confirm that “You are now a participant in…”

  6. Please allow 30 minutes for this change to take effect. After this time you should receive any emails that go out to this group. You can also view any old emails under the Forums tab. (Scroll down to find the Forum of the same name.)

  7. If at any time you want to leave a group, repeat these steps, but click on the “Remove me” button in step 4.

Click HERE for playgroup coordinator information